Solutions and systems, vehicles and equipment for demining and cleaning territories and objects in various scenarios. Vehicles and boats for combat operation support.

Geocinch Group works towards reducing risk to commu­nities caused by (land mines, unexploded ordnance (UXO), Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) and stockpiles of ammunition and projectiles). A large quantity of landmines laid in the ground and further millions of tons of surplus munitions stockpiled around the world. These kill and maim and create a constant danger to the lives of innocent civilians. The stockpiles of old, out of date munitions are increasingly unstable and there have been increasing numbers of accidents where the stockpiles have exploded causing further casualties.

Geocinch offer effective range of systems and products, consultancy and training services, and do enable and empower local communities to make their world a better and safer place.

Our portfolio include:
  • Demining vehicles
  • Combat¬† vehicles
  • Combat boats
  • Semi-trailers with loading 50 TN and 70 TN
  • Firefighting vehicles and firefighting equipment
  • Mine protection (MCM) and anti-submarine warfare (ASW), UAV, sea buoys, sonars
  • Robotic Support Vehicle (UGV)
  • EOD / IED / CBRN robots
  • EOD Protection Equipment
  • Reactive armor for military vehicles and internal energetic (dynamic) elements
  • Products for explosion and destruction
  • Anti-detection and Anti-targeting technology
  • Tactical communication systems and solutions
  • Torches lighting for industrial, hazardous environments and military application
  • Lightweight packaging solutions for military transportation
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