Security engineering for high security requirements

Security engineering is about building systems to remain dependable in the face of malice, error, or mischance. Many security systems have critical assurance requirements. Their failure may endanger human life and the environment , do serious damage to major economic infrastructure , endanger the viability of whole business sectors.


As a full-service-supplier we deliver customized solutions from a vast variety of goods.


  • Sliding, swing and folding gates
  • Turnstiles
  • Barriers
  • Bollards
  • Basic gates
  • Basic turnstiles
  • Federal & State Criminal Police Offices, Police headquarters
  • Courthouses, prisons
  • Industrial plants, electricity suppliers
  • Airports, nuclear power stations
  • Military institutions
  • Protect against natural hazards (rockfall, landslides, debris flow and avalanches)
  • Safety in tunneling, motorsport tracks
  • Maritime Floating Security Barriers
  • The safety ladder “Life Ladder”


Our solutions generating a fast return on investment and a minimum environmental impact.

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